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Career Opportunities

Why Work With Us?

Whatever your career goals, working with CitronIT is a great way to grow your career. We want to help you not only find your next position, but support you along the way to achieve your career goals.

Whether you’re seeking full-time placement or a short-term contracting project, working with CitronIT is a great way to quickly gain new knowledge and experience, add marketable skills to your resume and expand your professional network.

Experienced Professionals

As an experienced professional, you have a lot to bring to the table. We realize that and so do our clients. You’ve worked hard at sharpening a skill set that is in demand. Let us match you with the right company to grow your career.


As a military veteran you possess a combination of knowledge, skills, and discipline that are highly valued by companies. We have the experience to connect you with the right company to enhance your skills and further your career

Gustavo Ansorena

I recently worked with CitronIT for 15 months, their staff always checked up on me throughout my contract just to see how I was doing and if there was anything i needed. After my contract ended the staff made my looking for another job seamless. They really showed me...


CitronIT has been a reliable source in my job search. I have been on several interviews provided by Yesenia. When I look for new contract roles CitronIT is my first call. They have helped me customize my resume of experience to highlight my strengths and expertise...

Lou Hopkins

I had the pleasure of working with CitronIT several times and have to say these are the most professional, honest and wonderful group who look out for their recruits as well as their clients. I have been in the industry a long time and would highly recommend CitronIT...